• Technology

    In an effort to create a unified partnership, Pritchard's use of technology assures that we are never out of touch, but rather in constant communication with our customers, supervisors, staff, and top-level management.


    Pritchard is always integrating new technology in an effort to deliver results in a more effective and efficient manner.  In reevaluating a facility, Pritchard seeks out and identifies redundant, inefficient and outdated practices and equipment.


  • Quality Assurance Inspections

    Quality Inspections are performed with Pritchard CleanTouch to help ensure that we provide high-quality service.


    •  Detailed mobile iPad/iPhone inspections by floor/suite

    •  Customized rating indicators

    •  Picture attachments

    •  Customized weighting of services

    •  Automated deficiency work order


  • Tracking Performance

    Online reports organize and analyze important facility data, providing you real-time solutions to business problems.


    •  Evaluate trends by building or employee

    •  Identify performance indicators

    •  Track response time/completion of work orders

    •  Build reports for excel or PDF export

    •  Know exactly what to improve in real time


  • Client Communication

    Open communication with our clients has never been this effective! Our Client complaints are organized and distributed to those responsible for that client's employee work orders.


    •  Our clients have online access (see link on this page)

    •  Integrates with email and text messaging

    •  Customizable forms/surveys for clients to fill out

    •  Auto assignment of work orders to employees

    •  Customizable work order completion status

    •  Auto escalation to upper management


  • Job Scheduling

    Job schedules tie in directly with our inspections and work orders.


    •  Schedule work orders and daily/periodic tasks

    •  Schedule services by employee or position

    •  Create color coded daily job schedules

    •  Full featured calendar with repeating events

    •  Email and text reminders of scheduled events



  • Barcoding

    Using barcodes makes life a lot easier - saving time and proving that people are where they say they are.


    Our software supports barcode scanners allowing us to use this digital automation with our inspections, time tracking and supply/asset management.


    • Identify buildings, floors and rooms

    • Identify employees

    • Identify supplies

    • Identify assets

  • Time Tracking

    With Time Tracking, we can easily identify where employees are and what they are doing. Our Biometric Scanners and mobile based software helps us keep track of our employees through time verification. Each timestamp is coupled with location data so we know not only when they checked in, but also where. We can also track what they did in that location.


    With Time Tracking of Employees:

    •  Document the location of the employee

    •  Create a "Time In" and "Time Out" stamp

    •  Document what services the employee completed

    •  Attach pictures and capture signatures as necessary

    •  Log notes and fill out customized forms

    •  Realtime location data

    •  Customizable reports

  • Client Surveys

    Pritchard sets up customized and specifically configured questionnaires for our clients. These questionnaires are available by service location for our clients to offer feedback.


    We send out mass email client survey invitations and view the aggregated results of surveys using Pritchard CleanTouch's reporting feature.

  • Asset / Supply Management

    Pritchard CleanTouch helps us and our clients track supplies and assets keeping everything balanced. We know how many supplies there are at an account and where assets are.


    •  Scan supplies/equipment in and out of locations

    •  Perform inventory audits and make adjustments

    •  Track inventory usage by building and by employee

    •  Get notified when a supply is low and needs to be ordered

    •  Online supply catalog to order from multiple vendors

    •  View supply usage reports that will help monitor expenses

    •  Monitor where each piece of equipment is located

    •  Document reasons why equipment is moved

    •  Easily document repairs and equipment available for use

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